Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Waiting" A poem about waiting for baby to be born


Dear Baby, here beneath my heart,
I thought that you might come today;
The timing seemed just right.

But the stars are out
And the moon is high
And sheepishly I wonder why
I try to arrange the plans
Of God.

For now I know
You will not come
Until the One who holds eternity
Rustles your soft cocoon
And Whispers in tones that I will not hear,
“It’s time, precious gift.”

“Now it’s time.”
Robin Jones Gunn

As I try to hold off my impatience, I know that you will be here when the time is right.  They say you are 8 days late but how can one be late when they aren't ready? I think it is us that are early. I want to hold you and love you so very much but I will do that on your terms, for you know the right time. I continue to hold the doctors off from inducing me. I do not want chemicals running through our veins. You know when you are supposed to make your way into this world. You will do it on your perfect time. I will do my very best to be patient and to keep the doctors from determining your fate. For I know that no one is qualified to make that decision. Nature knows. I will trust in nature, you, and my body to be able to do what is right. 


  1. I went 14 days over with my first and that was the longest the doctors would let me go without being induced. Will your doctor let you go past that?
    I'm curious because I'm expecting my third and, while my birth experience with my first was very traumatic due to being induced, my birth experience with my second was a wonderful experience which I think had to do with him arriving on his own schedule (he was 1 week late).
    I'm trying to find out more about inductions and being "overdue" in hopes that I won't have to be induced this time too.

    1. I don't think my doctor will let me go past 14 days however it's not really up to the doctor. Remember that they work for us. They can not force us to do anything. It is our decision in the end. They simply offer suggestions (although it feels much more scary than just suggesting). They can not MAKE you do anything. My doctor wanted to induce me at 39 weeks. I was induced at 39 weeks with my first two pregnancies. The second one was horrible. I was in labor for 26 hours and nearly had to have an emergency c-section. It was very clear she wasn't ready to be born. This will be my last pregnancy. I will not get a chance to do it "right" again. For me doing it as naturally as possible is right. I respect anyone's choice that is different but I ask that they also respect mine. Unfortunately I have not faced much respect from the doctors in my choice. They have been fighting me for 3 weeks about the induction. I continue to decline. Their favorite line is "Your baby could die". The funny thing is, I've researched induction and c-section and the risks are quite high for infant mortality. However I have not once heard a risk statistic for induction from the doctor. All I hear is about carrying my child in a natural manor. I am finding more and more disgust in the entire OB practice the further I go. I realized recently that although I had two inductions, I have never been told the risks for them. I was only informed the risks of continuing a pregnancy. As if I'm broken or there is something wrong with the design of a woman. I find it all very frustrating.

      If you would like some info, I have compiled some good sites on my pinterest page. Just click the link above to follow me on pinterst and check out my labor and delivery board. I also highly recommend watching "The Business of Being Born". You can find it on Netflix if you have access to that.

      Best of luck to you!!